Opportunity Powered By JingJinJi

Just 30 kilometres to the south of Langfang in Hebei province, one of the last remaining parcels of undeveloped land in the crucial Beijing-Tianjin corridor will soon be home to CanadaTown, the China Canada Emerging Technologies Park. From here, the Park will offer an unrivalled location to Canadian businesses looking for the perfect place to grow and prosper in China. That’s because the park lies at the geographic and strategic heart of the”JingJinJi” initiative, a national policy that will see the cities of Beijing and Tianjin and the whole of Hebei province form the worlds largest super city. This single megapolis will be home to over 130 million people.

Large scale integrated development including advanced communications networks, new high speed railway and subway projects, and expanded and improved highways are coming on-line at a fervent pace. The 2019 opening of nearby Daxing International Airport, slated to be the worlds largest, and the 2017 completion of the Seventh Ring Road further enhance the Park’s location by offering an ease of travel and access to all points within the JingJinJi supercity as well as international and domestic destinations.