Langfang, Hebei Province PRC

 CanadaTown and ETC3 Hebei

Located in one of the last remaining parcels of undeveloped land in the crucial Beijing-Tianjin corridor,  CanadaTown in Langfang will be a 10 sq km comprehensive community of Canadian styled business, residential and education zones coming to life at the epicentre of China’s JingJinJi region, the 130 million person megacity that will stretch from Beijing to Tianjin. The project broke ground on its first phase of development in late 2017, the first step in its development as the “ultimate soft landing pad” for Canadian businesses looking to enter or expand in the vital Chinese market.

The 10 sq km development will be home to a truly unique comprehensive community of business, residential and education zones where businesses, academics and entrepreneurs can achieve new levels of success. A cornerstone of the careful planning that Hebei Province has dedicated to the 100 sq km jewel of a land resource in which the Park will reside, the Park is designed as a “soft landing pad” for Canadian businesses expanding or establishing themselves in the Chinese market. CanadaTown will provide affordability, excellent transportation links and a full array of professional support services including legal, financial and staffing consulting.

Large scale integrated development including advanced communications networks, new high speed railway and subway projects, and expanded and improved highways are coming on-line at a fervent pace. The 2019 opening of nearby Daxing International Airport, slated to be the world’s largest, and the 2017 completion of the Seventh Ring Road further enhance the Park’s location by offering an ease of travel and access to all points within the JingJinJi supercity as well as international and domestic destinations.

To be located in the first building to be constructed in CanadaTown, ETC3 Hebei will provide a unique gateway for Canadian businesses to take advantage of the demand for Canadian innovation and expertise from a location that offers ease to market.

Watch CanadaTown intro video.