Landing Pads for China Canada Collaboration

China and Canada have entered an important and newly invigorated era of cooperation and trade. It is an opportunity that requires fresh and innovative methods of thinking and engagement for both Canadian and Chinese businesses looking to successfully enter new markets and adopt emerging technologies.

The path to success starts at The Emerging Technologies Centres of Canada and China.  The ETC3 tech centres serve as landing pads for businesses in the cleantech, fintech and healthcare tech sectors, along with other industries seeking to benefit from emerging technologies developed in Canada and China. Our dedicated ETC3 facilities in China and Canada include coworking spaces, private offices, wet labs, makerspaces and land available for build-to-suit opportunities, depending on location.

With guidance from experts in Canada and China, the ETC3 tech centres provide a broad range of business and investment services for our clients.   We are uniquely positioned to give your business a supreme advantage over others trying to enter new markets or leverage emerging technologies.